Licensed Massage Therapist & Healing Facilitator

Stephanie L. Brown

From a rather young age, I discovered the gift and ability to intuitively tune into people’s feelings and apply knowledge to help them feel better. While I earned my degree in Psychology at George Washington University, I worked at a metaphysical shop where I delved into the world of herbs, oils, crystals, as well as alternative and holistic healing. I studied Reiki and energy healing and embarked on an exciting journey to learn as much as possible about the spirit world, magic, spirituality and assorted modalities to heal and balance the mind, body and spirit connection, and so much more.


After graduation, I returned to Massachusetts and worked in mental health at a residential and day program for individuals with cognitive and developmental delays and who struggled with behavioral disorders. I was employed there for several years when I began to recognize the multidimensional nature of illness, especially mental illness. However, I was compelled to move on from this work, resolved to continue where I left off with my alternative health and wellness studies, especially since they allowed me to integrate all facets of the human experience and various healing modalities.


My career path continued to evolve as I studied to become a licensed massage therapist and Reiki Master. I spent several years offering deep tissue manipulations, but realized there were numerous other factors lingering beneath the surface and inside the body that caused chronic pain and contributed to repetitive injuries. Over the years, I continued to add countless meaningful tools and techniques to my medicine bag. I began to discover my innate ability to channel healing transmissions from the spirit world and offer energetic gifts during treatments. In my work, I am particularly fond of utilizing gemstones and crystals, herbal remedies, essential oils and potions and now produce my private line of aromatherapy and skincare products.


As I embarked on my exciting journey of unfoldment, I also explored earth medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic healing principles, craniosacral therapy, as well as heart centered healing. In addition, I completed training in mediumship, metaphysics, herbalism, shamanism and animal communication. Having trained under several medical intuitives, I was able to hone my ability to see inside people's bodies and energy fields and utilize a variety of tools to help release trapped emotions and energies that contribute to illness and chronic pain conditions. Studying with numerous shamans has helped me discover techniques to remove harmful energies from the body. I continually consult with other holistic practitioners and we enjoy combining our cumulative skills, knowledge and techniques to help others on their healing journeys.


Combining my life experiences and accumulated knowledge, I am deeply inspired to teach people how to heal their bodies and live happier, healthier, more harmonious and fulfilling lives. Indeed, this healing work is my pleasure and a great privilege.


Stephanie L. Brown

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