• Stephanie L. Brown

Root Cause Model of Illness

People may not know where pain or health issues are originating from, and long term chronic illnesses are still a mystery to medical professionals in Western medicine. Allopathic medicine tends to only treat each symptom as it arises, and then it attempts to suppress those symptoms with medications. I take a holistic stance and treat the client and the sum of their experiences as a whole. Long term suffering may be a result of something that happened during childhood. It may be something that we perceived as traumatic and therefore repressed. It could be the result of early life programming that resulted in lifelong suffering. It could also be something that happened in a past life that has lingered into this life. Once the Root Cause is discovered, I work with clients to release it. Believe it or not, the body wants to heal, and generally once we release the Root, the body, mind, and spirit heal in miraculous ways. We work together to address unhealthy patterns that are contributing to undesirable symptoms, and then we come up with numerous healthy lifestyle changes to help you move forward and feel better. My goal is to empower all individuals and help them take control of their lives and health challenges, turning obstacles into stepping stones. Your suffering ends today!

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Stephanie L. Brown

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