Animal Communication 

Is your pet anxious?  Do they not respond to traditional training and disciplinary methods?  It might be that you’re not speaking the same language. 


I interpret messages from your pets to help determine the source of behavioral issues, bridging the communication gap between human and pet.  While communicating, I use alternative means of healing—like Reiki and massage—to help comfort and heal your furry friend.  These sessions help to convey information, but also show you how to communicate with your pet, bringing you closer than ever to your beloved friend.  These are hands-on sessions with your pet, so please bring your animal companion in for our session together.


  • 30 minutes for $55

  • 1 hour for $88

  • 90 minutes for $122 

(An hour is recommended for your first session so that I may have adequate time to get to know your pet and understand how your pet communicates.)


Stephanie L. Brown

4 Evergreen Lane Suite #13

Hopedale Ma, 01747

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